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We walk a secret path today, in the moment of quiet intimacy. Not knowing where this trail will lead, nor grasping when it ends

Nikki is an elegant, sophisticated sensual woman who is soft spoken and wild at the same time. Nikki graduated from an Ivy League college with a degree in art history and American Literature. She is an avid sports woman and loves cross- country skiing, mountain climbing and adventure vacations. Nikki tries to go to at least one exotic location each year. This year she hopes to go to Vietnam or Africa.

Nikki’s great passions are for mountain climbing, skiing and the men of Boston.

If you have been looking to spend some private time with an elegant, beautiful, sensual, and sophisticated woman who is as intelligent as she is sexy and provides the ultimate in GFE companionship you can end the quest you have found the best in Nikki.

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