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Beautiful, busty, captivating curves! Meet your delightfully avant-garde vixen!

Located less than an hour from Boston, in Providence, RI. Call me to your side and let's explore the big city and bright lights together! Or treat yourself to a fantasy vacation that's not too far from home and let me show you all the joys Providence has to offer.


Art is sensuality and sensuality is art. Ever felt warm, wet porcelain as your hands mold and caress it, forming the most perfect bowl or teacup? Or smelled oil paint as you smear it on canvas? Or seen steel form fascinating curves after applying just the right amount of pressure? If not - let me show you how erotic creating things can be.

My artistic expression comes out in my vibrant pink hair and sparkling blue eyes. A few tattoos decorate my skin, care to trace them? I am your sultry confidant in all things devious and sensual, a guide to evening escapades and intimate adventures. An eclectic combination of your favorite curvy model and a naughty art student, time with me is sure to be brimming with tantalizing exploits and perverse play.

I'm an exceptionally versatile companion and offer a variety of experiences. I love regular connections, romantic gestures, and exploring all the things our bodies' desire.

Because of my dedication to my passions and my busy schedule- pre booking is recommended. Please email or text. Phone calls aren't my jam. New friends will need to be verified, I promise it will be quick, and painless!

Please check my website for other lengths of time as well as my social rate, overnight rates, and travel information.

xo, Alexa

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