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There is always a point on a train journey where everyone has settled into their seat and has become lulled by the tracks and the blur of the scenery as the train rushes headlong towards its destination. People soon have lost themselves in the things that people do on a train – reading a book or a newspaper; eyes focusing on their phones; or huddling in a softly muted conversation with a travel companion.

I am not immune to the patterns of travel and am reading a book, losing myself in some far off land. I am barely registering how the train’s rhythms are gently pulsing through the seat and into the growing warmth between my thighs. As I become aware of the delicious wetness growing, I cross and then re-cross my legsa few times. My fingertips are soon slowly and gently driftingup my black stockings from the strap on my shoe up to my knee. I admire how my toes are perfectly manicured and the red polish can be seen through the sheer stockings.

I can feel you watching me. I can almost feel your thoughts reaching out towards me. I knowingly shift my legs once again. I cross them just slowly enough so that you can see the creamy whiteness of the skin at the top of my stockings and perhaps you can even imagine seeing the lace further up cupping between my legs. I feel my skirt riding up slightly as the top hem of my stocking is exposed. I gently tug on it before smoothing my skirt back into place. I can hear you shifting in your seat. I take a secretive glance up from my book and let it slowly wander up your trouser leg to the very obvious effect that this is having on you. “This is going to be fun”, I think to myself as I feel that deliciously familiar heat growing.

I bend to reach into my purse and my blouse falls open just enough to give you a welcome view of my full round breasts cupped in a beautiful lace bra. I can hear you breathing in deeply and I wonder…”is he holding his breath?” I almost hear you moan as you breathe out slowly once again. Is it my perfume that is intoxicating you or is it the view of my breasts? I pull a compact out from my purse and also my lipstick. A girl has to look her best after all. I slowly twist the lipstick and the red wand extends out from the silver tube. I touch the waxy crimson lipstick to my lips. I am looking past the mirror though and watching you instead. The lipstick slowly traces around the fullness of my lips as it paints them with a suggestion of pleasures to be had. My lips are gently parted and my tongue darts from between my teeth in concentration. I wonder what you are thinking…I bet that I can guess.

I let my eyes meet yours. I can see the hunger in them. It does not make me look away…I feed on its intensity. I feel my stomach tighten and my breathe catch in my xxxxx I know that you are captured in the spell of my blue eyes and for a moment the rest of the world disappears as we share that brief xxxxx moment. In those seconds much is said and yet not a word is spoken.

Sadly, the spell is broken as the train slows for the station. We both gather our things and stand up to make our way out into the world. There is a moment though when we are both pressed close. I stand on the tips of my toes and whisper in your ear and slip my card into the lapel pocket of your jacket. My lips just brush your ear as I whisper…”find me” before turning away into the crowd of passengers.

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