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What I want to do, more than anything else, is light up the sky with my smile. That’s a pretty tall order, especially since, instead of a million-megaton nuclear explosion like the sun, I’m just a tiny girl. But a single act of love can change the world. And I’m here to change it with all the love I have to give.

My name’s Lindsay. I chose Buckingham from the guy from Fleetwood Mac, because I get shivers whenever I hear this song:

She rings like a bell through the night
And wouldn’t you love to love her?
She rules her life like a bird in flight
And who will be her lover?
All your life you’ve never seen a woman taken by the wind
Would you stay if she promised to you heaven?

Like Rhiannon in the song, I’m just one girl. But I have starlight in my eyes and galaxies in my soul. In my promises are entire universes for you to unpack. I don’t want to stoop to describing my hair or my body or how I feel in the arms of someone I’m giving myself to. There are pictures and reviews for that, and the friends that I’ve made so far have all fallen in love with me just as I fell in love with them. For now, look through my website, my pictures, my world. As the 20th century poet Bow Wow said, “You can open up a magic door, step through it, just do it.”

Let’s light up the sky.

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