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Sofia Meranos · Boston Escort

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So pleased to meet you.

I recently moved to Boston for college, and am currently a student at a top university, with a major in Statistics and a minor in Spanish.

My interests are diverse: I love everything from comics and cartoons, to the Sunday crossword, and the ballet. (I was a dancer for over a decade.) I’m also a bit of an activist in animal rescue, so I will never turn down a conversation about your pets or mine!

I’m a bit of a girl-next-door, bubbly and down-to-earth. That’s not to say I don’t take my job seriously, but what’s the point of doing something this wild if you can’t have a good time? My favorite gentlemen are those who enjoy being spontaneous, who have a love for laughter, in the way that we could stay up all night chatting about everything or anything, between other activities…

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