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I was still a virgin when I realized boys my age didn’t have much to offer. They bored me. I thought things would change after I got a boyfriend and experienced a magical sexual awakening, but I just wasn’t that interested.

When I went to college, my universe turned upside down. I was surrounded by handsome, sexy men who turned me ON! The one problem–they were my professors. (Especially Prof AMS, or as I liked to call him, “Take me”.) Turns out I wasn’t bored with the male gender. Quite the opposite. I was obsessed with them.

It’s just that I wanted a man, not a boy who thinks he can.

That was years ago. I’m 24 now, with the knowledge and power to know what I want and take it. Part of that involves being aware that my appetite is too voracious to be satiated with just one man, and why not make a side gig doing what I love? Poets write sestinas. Patissiers bake cakes. I… make love.

My name is Victoria Volk, and I take my pleasure seriously. Let’s meet.

Check out my reviews on TER! I’m new to the business, so I don’t have many. But the few I have are amazing.

Email me anytime at My assistant will get back to you shortly.

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